Twitter is the reason I am blogging less

5 May

Well, that and looming story deadlines — which usually max out my daily quota of words and capacity for thought. But like the best of desserts, there’s always room in my news-and-information diet for Twitter.

My conversion from Twitter Skeptic to Twitter True Believer is a recent development — to be frank, I used to look upon Twitter as somewhat of a cultural joke. But thanks to Sree Sreenivasan, professor of journalism at Columbia University, I am starting to learn how to tap into the power of Twitter.

Here are my Top Three Reasons for using Twitter:

  1. “Facebook is for people you used to know, and Twitter is for people you want to know.” — Thomas Crampton. Most of the people I follow on Twitter would never “friend” me on Facebook. But on Twitter, there’s no barrier preventing me from reading what they read, and sharing what they share — no permission required. There’s a lot to be learned (for me as a journalist, anyway) from following prominent doers and thinkers in the world of news and media.
  2. Twitter is like a virtual water cooler where you can share interesting links with interesting people. In real life, I keep mum about a lot of the things I’m interested in — too risky when you don’t know a person’s sensibility, interests and world-view. But on Twitter, I can congregate around others who are both compatible and also different enough from me to keep things interesting. Those people also serve as my trusted curators who help me sort through the massive amounts of information we’re all bombarded with daily.
  3. Twitter beats RSS as an efficient alert system for stories I want to read. And it’s starting to divert some business from Google, too, as a tool for sifting through the Web. Much of the news/stories/blog-posts I read is now coming from Twitter.

For those wondering if Facebook is comparable to Twitter as a communications tool, here’s a helpful bit from TwitTip:

Let’s say you go to a wedding or other social gathering where lots of people know each other. The style and tone of communication there will be more like using Facebook; you chat with old friends and acquaintances, mixing and mingling in an intimate manner. In this setting, people tend to feel more relaxed and “in their element”. Conversations are familiar and center on shared experiences and connections.

Now, when you go to a large party or social event where you don’t know most of the people in attendance, you will use a very different style of communication, more like Twitter; you want to meet people and somehow make yourself known, stand out from the crowd, make an impression, self promote and make new connections. Twitter is like getting the podium and not everyone feels comfortable or knows how to stand comfortably in the spotlight.

In fact, almost all of us, when first approaching Twitter, tend to use it to post useless updates like “Going to lunch”, thinking of it as a another tool to communicate with friends, when in fact, it is more like stepping on to a stage, where you are communicating with an audience and quickly find that you need to find a voice and say something useful and interesting or quickly lose the attention of your audience. People refer to Twitter as a mini or micro blogging platform.

For a good list of links and resources relating to Twitter, check out: Sree Sreenivasan – @sreenet, TWITTER: Sree’s Twitter Guide for Newbies & Skeptics.

My Twitter handle: @shc347


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